Pumping Solids?


Welcome to P&M Pumps

We have been supplying the unique VAUGHAN CHOPPER PUMP into the UK and IRELAND for over 20 years, providing solids pumping and mixing solutions which meet the demands of the most challenging applications. Our experience in moving solids through the process in many different situations, has benefitted a wide range of major corporations and utilities.

Solutions we’ve provided:

Waste Water - Thames Water, Southern Water, Anglian Water
Food & Drink - Diageo, AB Inbev, Nestle
Manufacturing - Ford Motor Co, Toyota, Smurfitt Kappa
Renewable Energy - EDF, Shanks, Biffa, Clearfleau
Petro-Chemical - BP, Augean, La Farge
Pharmaceutical - Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, GSK

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